Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art based on ancient fighting techniques.  It is a dynamic and very effective form of self-defense that is taught to the Tokyo Riot Police, however Aikido strives for non-aggression and the peaceful resolution of conflict.

Aikido can be practiced by adults of any age as students goals and pace for training will naturally vary.  It provides a good cardiovascular workout; increases general stamina and core fitness and contributes to a leaner and more flexible physique.  The mental benefits include improved mental focus, self-confidence and a more positive outlook.  More than the physical though, the goal of aikido is self-improvement and self-awareness through regular and consistent training.

Through Aikido children can learn:

*  To gain self-confidence and Self-discipline.

*  To become active and fit.

*  Peaceful conflict resolution.

*  To focus and find stillness.

*  To respect oneself and others.